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brass wire rod

what we offer

Equipment for production of brass & copper alloy alloy wire rod up to 6,000 tpyr

Rod sizes 8.0 mm to 30.0 mm dia.

Holding and casting technology to be fed with pre-alloyed liquid

Stable temperature and composition control

Consistent cooler immersion depth controlled by withdrawal unit level control

Low cost operation 

Customers include: Sodick EWS, Luvata, Jia Bao Metal Co. Ltd & Sundwiger Messingwerk GmbH



  • Graphite crucible technology
  • Electric resistance heating
  • Holding and casting furnace
  • Withdrawal assembly (including vertical movement)
  • Touchscreen controls (Omron, Siemens or Allen Bradley)
  • Precise control of temperature and casting motion
  • Tooling and coilers suitable for wire rods from 8.0mm up to 30mm dia.
  • Requires pre-alloyed liquid feed from separate primary melting furnace

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