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conductor alloy rod

what we offer

Equipment for production capacity 1,000 to 12,000 tonnes per year
Rod sizes from 8.0 mm to 32.0 mm dia.
CuMg, CuAg, CuSn conductor alloys
Coils up to 4.0 tonne capacity

Established upward continuous casting technology for Copper Magnesium, Copper Silver and Copper Tin alloy rod production, as supplied to all the leading European producers (including: NKT Cables Ltd, Lamifil, La Farga Lacambra, Er Bakir and AB Elektrokoppar) and many Chinese producers (including: CRCEB, Centuray and Xian XD).

Production of CuMg 0.15% for automotive and stranded catenary wire applications
CuMg 0.5% for high speed rail contact and catenary wires.




  • Graphite crucible technology
  • Electric resistance heating
  • Single furnace integrated melting & casting 
  • Automated cathode feed
  • Automated composition control by cored wire or grain feed
  • Withdrawal Assembly (including vertical movement)
  • Touchscreen Controls (Omron, Siemens or Allen Bradley)


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