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product & process innovation

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Evolution of continuous casting technology using 40 years experience to modify, apply and use new materials, new controls & new drive technology to increase the applications and uses for Rautomead equipment

Rautomead in-house development capability allows both Rautomead and customers to investigate ways to use the continuous casting process to generate reductions in cost of production:

- by casting at a smaller size (nearer net-shape)

- by increasing speed of casting 

- by introducing equipment and tooling designs to facilitate casting of alloys previously unsuited to continuous casting

Rautomead R&D department provides a commitment and focus on the evolution and improvement of continuous casting technology and its application to an expanding range of alloys and materials including complex and aggressive metals






R&D department with 40 years experience of continuous casting equipment and tooling designs

Database of production & casting data for an extensive range of alloys, shapes and sizes

Beta site for testing and evaluation of new technology (controls, software, materials & drives) on "in house" casting equipment before including on production equipment

Access to comprehensive laboratory and analysis facilities including spectrometer, tensile testing SEM/EDX and optical microscopy


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