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what we offer

Sample manufacture at Rautomead Dundee continuous casting factory to allow customers to evaluate quality and test process material to finished product before committing to investment in new equipment

Research and development capability to explore the feasibility of manufacture to near net shape by continuous casting

Ability to design, manufacture and test new configurations of tooling and casting parameters

Access to laboratories and equipment at the University of Dundee to enhance metallurgical studies and analysis of R&D casting

Horizontal casting of small batches, strips, bars and wires

Vertical casting of rods

Production of coils up to 4 tonnes

Batch casting or continuous 24hr/day production

Secrecy and Non Disclosure Agreements are jointly signed with customers seeking unique and bespoke R&D work



Upward vertical single strand furnace
Rods up to 30 mm dia.
Interchangable furnace bodies
High temperature, 1600 deg.C capability
Graphite and ceramic crucibles

Horizontal casting machine
50 litre crucible
Billet & bar casting

Horizontal casting machine
5 litre crucible
rods, strips, bars and hollows


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