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oxygen free copper rod

what we offer

Equipment for production capacity 5,000 to 20,000 tonnes per year
Copper wire rod sizes from 8.0 mm to 32.0 mm dia.
CuOF   3ppm oxygen
Coils up to 4.0 tonne capacity

Established continuous casting technology for manufacture of high quality, low oxygen content CuOF rod.

Suitable for manufacture of enamelled wires, superfine wires, data communication wires using multiwire drawing machines and suitable for manufacture of strips and shaped wires by rotary extrusion machines.

Customers include: Freeport McMoRan Inc., Essex Germany GmbH, Zhenxiong Copper Group Co. Ltd, Ngo Han JSC, Dovina & Mueller Industries.

Graphite crucible furnace technology with electric resistance heating provides the best upward continuous casting system for oxygen-free copper wire rod production.



  • Graphite crucible technology
  • Electric resistance heating
  • High quality low oxygen content rod, typically less than 3ppm oxygen
  • Single furnace integrated melting & casting 
  • Automated or manually controlled cathode feed
  • Withdrawal Assembly (including vertical movement)
  • Touchscreen Controls (Omron, Siemens or Allen Bradley)
  • High speed casting
  • Upward continuous casting lines

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