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development support

what we offer

Consultancy Advice to customers who wish to conduct trials on their own Rautomead equipment

Extensive knowledge and experience of continuous casting technology & tooling capabilities

Access to laboratory facilities, instruments and expertise at the University of Dundee

Capability to make investigative test casting of sample batches on equipment at Dundee

Full service support, including casting trials at Rautomead, is available to customers who prefer Rautomead to conduct initial R&D work on equipment in Dundee

Technology & techniques developed and refined at Rautomead on the "in house" casting equipment can often be retrofitted and added to customer's equipment on site

R&D work can either be at the specific request of a customer seeking enhanced capabilities, or as part of Rautomead continuous evolution and development of the technology.




Experienced and qualified team of engineers & product designers

Access to Laboratories and expertise at University of Dundee laboratories

Access to horizontal and upward vertical continuous casting equipment installed at Rautomead in Dundee


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