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spare parts

what we offer

Customer specific stock holding contracts for itemised spares & manufactured tooling parts

Ex-stock & same day dispatch of selected spare parts

Rautomead have "Known Consignor" security clearance status (approved by UK Department of Transport & regulated by Civil Aviation Authority) which means that shipments packed at Rautomead can go directly to airfreight without delay or additional security checks

Rautomead have Approved Exporter status, issued by UK Government HM Revenue & Customs. This allows Rautomead to prepare documentation and ship without EUR1 certificate, speeding up the dispatch and customs clearance processes delivering goods to customers premises without delay. Customers in selected countries receive an additional benefit of a reduced import tax/duty. List of countries (EU Preference Exports (United Kingdom) can be found in the media section.

Bespoke design and manufacture of new tooling for customers to retrofit or upgrade output from existing equipment

Repair, maintenance and re-build services for Rautomead furnaces 



Telephone & e-mail response to enquiries

Quotations in Euros, Pound Sterling or U.S. Dollars according to customer preference

Payment credit terms subject to status


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