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technical support

what we offer

Technical service support by e-mail or paid for engineering site visit.

Analysis and review of historical operating data to assist with troubleshooting and problem solving.

Team of experienced Engineers and Technicians to provide "on site" operational casting training and to provide maintenance and servicing of existing installations.

Access to 40 years of casting experience, production data and operational information for a wide range of alloys and section shapes.

Metallurgical analysis and laboratory studies with access to facilities at University of Dundee.



Telephone & e-mail support. 

Pre-arranged engineering visits to site to provide additional training, maintenance and servicing or machine upgrades.

Rapid response visits in case of emergencies, typically within 48 hours in Europe and within 72 hours outside of Europe.

Design and manufacture of tooling for equipment upgrades and production of new alloys/shapes. 


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